Our Owners

Craig Vaught

Having grown up in nearby Carrollton, Owner Craig Vaught is bringing his 40 years of Bar and Restaurant experience back to Las Colinas.

As a child, restaurants played a role in family events and special nights out. The hustle and bustle of the controlled chaotic environment was intriguing to him. The glamour and excitement of dressing up to go out for a meal became more fun as a young adult. Experiencing different types of restaurants soon became a passion.

Starting as a Bartender in 1983, Craig has worked at Bars, Restaurants and Hotels including Packard’s on Greenville, The Four Seasons Las Colinas and Sfuzzi, to name a few. While working with Sfuzzi, Craig was selected to Manage locations in Addison, New York City and Austin.  

Starting in 1996, he ventured out on his own and opened The Harder Bar which was a staple of Lower Greenville for several years.

In 2008, he landed a job with Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet as their Master of Scotch and traveled the country hosting Whisky Dinners and Bartender Trainings for the next decade. Training Bartenders became a passion for Craig and it grew into something that really mattered to him. This would be a cornerstone of everything else to follow.

Just before the Pandemic, Craig opened Vitruvian Park Tavern and guided it through a tough beginning before become the destination that it is today. Famous for its Espressotinis, Grilled Cheese with Tomato Basil Soup, Craigaritas and the Double Patty Brunch Burger, VPT has become a favorite of the neighborhood over the years.

Now his focus turns to providing a dining experience that lives up to his service and culinary standards. With the creation of Copper & Vine, Craig has culminated his restaurant experiences and created a culture of food, beverage and service that focuses on the guest’s experience. Inspired by Italian foods and French wines, he has melded the two together for something truly unique. With the style and feel of a NYC style Bistro, Café or Trattoria, Copper & Vine offers a dining experience that can only be found in an independent concept. Whether here for a celebratory meal or a bite and a sip, we want your time spent to be relaxing and enjoyable. Our goal is to make you feel like you belong here and to create a dining experience that will make you want to return.